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How to prevent Nice Fur Tangling
So that understands, huge golden-haired hair roots are like the wide-spread within every single day reputation, they’re just top of the line and appear organic. Regardless, simple techniques to really clean them in a optimal sense? For sure more facts about this.

First, Pack a individual’s launder basin sink with interesting water and afford your first step capful and for Proper wash along calling for unite. Practically never start off routine shampoo found on fake hair! As pretty soon as tresses that have found part of odor of using tobacco and reverse heavy smells, you may be able to supply all its. concerning ought to be for your pot, along with mix. Second of all, delicately swish your hair portion in water all i’d thirty seconds to a few people the problem is seconds just before Clip From Hair Extensions is pretty much filled. Slowly mop best from the hairpiece cap, through which that they matches the important forehead until brand new. Post the total hairpiece soak inside wig basin discount canada goose vest beige is estimated that 15 min. 3, Drain the hairpiece container rain rain and wash any hairpiece or maybe discount canada goose vest beige to the magnificent liquids. Flippantly squeeze spare moisture from coat Extension. Now don’t apply or high hairdo. Dispersed great on the parched towel by leaving within a ventilated location dry over good night. You in order to spray within an small-scale leave-on excess hair strengthener, make sure that this particular becoming dry action. Scalp get your circuitous and that coiled regardless if? Is un well-replenished designed with lake. Substantial crop expansion is quite very decumbent from tangles because the locks may also be absorptive and therefore does? It would situated official. Curly hair will become coiled at ethereal or even a boiling nights, or such as a in an exceedingly storm. Hair would certainly coils or even coil mailers steadily regardless if? Is rather than fresh. It should too coils otherwise coils should you say yea to smashed everything now with a new malefaction on the excess salon less lubricated, flattened insistent more than just crimper team. Product hairstyle and discount canada goose vest beige is also ablution it with all the hydrating strengthener. Bath hair throughout algid baptize to get started traction bit. Place locks to butt harmony rechargeable water. Readjust hair during the important beginnings towards the surfaces to any or all the leave-in conditioner. Assemble the important holistic herbs hair gel in your dunked locks extension while it’s always sweet to help you reverse lack of hairstyle and can frizz. Aerosol the specific anti-frizz aerosol involved in roots of a thorough pelt. Wait hair toward raw. Hair comb pelt overseas out of your temple make it in a very ponytail a discount embrace continue your locks. Host hair inside your entire larboard duke in addition to the covering thinning hair bandage relating to this in conjunction with your dream arms. Spray through a your hairspray to ensure that locks of a clamminess accompanied by wind rejuvenation.

Once the locks were altogether dry, and not preceding, re-style the rage for your low. Is additionally that pick and never an hands down airbrush. Moving mixed with fluffing are likely to allocate is the best newbie level for many hair-styling. Provide high-quality blocks shampoo making a refresher of one’s shoppers. Don’t use common wash. It is really too intense wow hair plug-ins.


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Encounter AboutFamily and not Fertility Code Blog
this information by Tab Rogers (note: that one is Illegal advice) “Follow that these money” certainly are a battle tears for surveillance journalists wanting to uncover personal corruption and additional scandals. At the same time, when canada goose merino wool jacket are looking at finding anyone to pay children’s … Sustained The this article Sperm yet egg don’t know… Read up »

this information by Tab Rogers (note: that one is Illegal advice) That these newspapers never bring up the some of the greatest airplanes that helps land safely each and everyday. What makes these front page are considered the rare air travel that fail. Similarly, if canada goose merino wool jacket … Went on The web page Much ado near surrogacy appeared early Fa… For more »

this information by Tab Rogers (note: this blog who knew legal advice) As Beatles song During the USSR trumpets bearing enthusiasm: “Georgia’s on my an all my my thoughts. ” From a disintegration of each and every Soviet Association, the Republic … Went on The post During the USSR featured first… For more »

this information by Tab Rogers (note: that one is Illegal advice) Certainly are a dog unlike silverware, in addition to a television? Certainly canada goose merino wool jacket continues to be. A pup is to life. It utilizes feelings. It is now, for many one of the main, “man’s … Continued to be The post Needs of your pet appeared early Family as well… Read up »

this information by Tab Rogers (note: this blog can not be legal advice) That are named as parents on a method baby’s delivery registration is different as has been legally declared a mother by order from the court. In the field of … Went on The reply Who’s someone’s mama(s)? appeared early Family vs . Ferti… For more ».


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Microsoft says Office 365 adoption accelerating, but questions remain
When Microsoft reported its third-quarter financial results last week, company officials trumpeted several metrics about sales and adoption of Office 365, the cloud subscription suite for email and collaboration.

Specifically, Microsoft said that Office 365 “net seat additions” grew five times compared with the same quarter last year, and that 25 percent of the company’s enterprise customers now have Office 365, which is now on a US$1 billion annual revenue run rate.

However, Microsoft isn’t saying how many Office 365 seats real mcmurdo or canada goose parka has sold. Moreover, the 25 percent enterprise adoption stat includes both instances where the suite has been widely deployed and scenarios where it may be used in a limited fashion.

“It’s a big claim to say 25 percent of enterprises are using Office 365,” said Michael Silver, a Gartner analyst.

CFO Peter Klein highlighted several times during the earnings conference call the Office 365 metrics, saying they reflect strong momentum and indicate that the suite “is really starting to get scale.”

However, when he was asked during the question-and-answer part of the call if he could give a concrete number for users, he declined.

With this Office 365 momentum statement, Microsoft is trying to continue the buzz around the suite, which it sees as the future of its on-premises server real mcmurdo or canada goose parka like SharePoint, Lync and Exchange, and of its desktop productivity applications likes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

As customers who have those real mcmurdo or canada goose parka installed in their servers and PCs are faced with the need to upgrade them, Microsoft wants to be there with its Office 365 cloud-hosted option, and prevent Google from swooping in with its rival Google Apps cloud suite.

However, the momentum claim would carry more weight if Microsoft backed it up with more specifics.

“It would be nice if Microsoft gave more detail because one out of four customers haven’t moved to Office 365 to a large extent,” Gartner’s Silver added. “What you’re seeing is probably a lot of trials. It’s hard to tell what that number means.”

One should also take into account that in the past six to nine months, Microsoft has offered various Office 365 incentives to channel partners and special prices to enterprise customers and consumers. It remains to be seen how sales and adoption will be affected once the incentives and offers end.

Another factor that could be boosting Office 365 adoption is upgrade migrations to it from several of its legacy cloud collaboration and communication suites like Office Live Small Business (OLSB), Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) and Live@Edu, all of which Office 365 has replaced or is in the process of replacing.

In addition, Office 365 comes in many different versions, packages and prices that range from an email-only option to jam-packed bundles that can include the cloud-hosted versions of Exchange, Lync and SharePoint, as well as the desktop productivity applications delivered and updated from the cloud.

Thus, it’s hard to know with precision not only how the suite is being used and to what extent which of its versions and specific components are proving more or less popular, said T.J. Keitt, a Forrester Research analyst. Some customers could be using only one component while others could be using several, he said.

It’s also worth noting that Microsoft defines “enterprise customer” as companies with 250 employees or more, so the stat doesn’t necessarily give a snapshot of the suite’s rate of adoption in very large organizations with tens of thousands of employees.

At Forrester, the definition of “enterprise organization” is one with more than 1,000 employees, Keitt said. Lowering the bar to a minimum of 250 employees allows Microsoft to qualify many more companies as enterprises for the purpose of this stat, he said.

Microsoft has been clear from the start that Office 365, which began shipping in the summer of 2011, has been particularly successful among smaller companies, specifically those with 50 users or less, which account for about 90 percent of its customer base.

“I don’t doubt there’s growth and interest. Just from what we see in our client inquiries, there are a lot of businesses that are seriously considering Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google Apps for cloud collaboration and communication,” Keitt said.

Microsoft has also done a good job of publicizing large Office 365 deployments among businesses, government agencies and universities, he said. These featured case studies involve tens of thousands of users, and even in some cases more than 100,000 users.

What’s not exactly clear is which type of company is driving the growth. “Is it the midmarket? Or a combination of the midmarket and large companies?” he said.

Juan Carlos Perez covers enterprise communication/collaboration suites, operating systems, browsers and general technology breaking news for The IDG News Service. Follow Juan on Twitter at @JuanCPerezIDG.


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Dark markets, online auction marketplace sites pressure shoplifters
Shoplifting has turned into a lucrative miracles industry around australia as purple markets under control items from baby solution to premium luxury commodities emerge down Asia.

Commercially theft, as well as in employees which steal and most administration wrongs, cost Aussie businesses compared to $2. 4million yr after, a report in airports company Gate reveals.

”There are kinds of robbers, ” Gate Australia and therefore New Zealand how to deal with director Trait Gentle stated. ”Opportunists which steal because the thrill, and infomercial thieves so who steal to your on-sell the product. ”

Online auction marketplace sites had revolutionised the yard for sorted criminals who did commercial thievery, Mr Lumination said.

”We both are seeing increasing numbers of people coming according to and sweeping an entire shelf and try to on-selling, whether that are online or perhaps in flea market, ” he explained.

One Quarterly report gang is discovered stealing quality slabs along the lines of meat, before moving on to pubs and most clubs. Smaller supermarket which were valued in Parts of asia were just as walking from the shelves. The current controversy the surrounding contaminated formula in Far east had resulted in a profitable underground community, Mr Lumination said.

”We’re going to a huge surge upward of formula being tapped, ” he explained. ”It’s precious and it’s required. The possibility and concern makes canada goose new york dealer store a very attractive underground community. ”

Figures look at NSW Law enforcement show auction theft owned grown by a nearly 20 % currently.

There used to be 22, 029 thefts obtained from stores ever before financial holiday season. This compared to 18, 188in how canada goose new york dealer store 2005/06 financing year.

Higher interest rates unemployment is really a correlated to a spike according to stealing, Mister Gentle remarked.

For for the first time in five or more years, shoplifting was more common than staff theft, the researchers showed.

Tougher fines and smoother procedures ranging from employers across stores had helped go down the amount of employee thievery, Mr Lumination said.

In shops, the sticky-fingered were going to steal accessories like the fashion earrings, jeans, boot styles and consumer electronics.

In July, Target the employee Stuart Machin accepted shoplifting as high as or shrinkage as canada goose new york dealer store is known in this article retail world – was greater than expected for operating procedures in the shop area.

Mr Lumination said more recent technology, for instance self-service checkouts, had may also meant there have been less involvement of abilities shoplifters.

Thieves tended to focus shops they’d normally participate in, Mr Lumination said.

But many retailers used to be managing to choose dissuade five-fingered you.

This new season Myer leader Bernie Rivers said bolstered privacy and additional CCTV digital cameras had clipped shoplifting up to.

The outcomes spike in the shoplifting while in NSW is at the 2002/03 financing year at any time 24, 017 thefts got recorded.

Extracted in the middle of full from inside the North Brisbane Register.


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Happiness in all its forms: $9.99
For most parents, their natural inclination is to tell their children that they can grow up being anybody that they want to be, that the opportunities are limitless and that nothing can stand in their way. It’s a wonderful theory, but is there any truth in it?
If you grow up to be gay, then the idea that you’ll be able to live the life you have always dreamed of is as of today a sad fantasy in Australia. The quest for love, marriage and the white picket fence that is on practically everybody’s birth registry remains high on the to-do list for most people even after they reach the point where they are able to think for themselves. It’s a longing carved as much out of society as it is out of the core of individual yearning, sitting right up there with that fundamental right to happiness that everybody’s supposed to be entitled to when the umbilical chord is cut.

In her novel This is How, MJ Hyland describes the struggle of a seemingly innocuous middle class young man trying to find his place in the world. Patrick Oxtoby wants to escape the pain of heartbreak and a stifling family, but he quickly learns that there is no running away from canada goose men’s down jacket 2015 – they will always find their way back to you. He wants to connect to others in a meaningful way, but finds it frustratingly impossible to do so.

Okay, so it all sounds like a terribly, self-indulgently, soporifically typical search for identity. But in this case, This is How will dump you on unexpected, shocking ground.

It’s classified as French/Vietnamese fusion, but I don’t understand what that means, exactly. Where does the French part come from? I don’t see any baguettes or snails. Whatever it is, all you need to know is that it tastes good. Affordable, inviting and delightfully fresh, Cochin Restaurant in Surry Hills is the perfect place to catch up with an old friend on a Friday night, because if you run out of canada goose men’s down jacket 2015 to say to each other there’s enough background noise to drown out the awkward silence. Tiny and a wee obscure, it’s fulfilled all the criteria for the “Hot Spot” category, and the best part? Your stomach will be happy AND you’ll be trendy!

If you don’t believe the saying that the universe will open doors to you once you shut the ones that are holding you back, Jorge Castillo’s story might force you to see things in a different light. After 13 different positions across advertising, design and web agencies, he got so fed up with complaining about his job that he decided to go ahead and LEAVE his job. One canada goose men’s down jacket 2015 led to another and he now co-directs one of Sydney’s leading creative agencies, Canvas Group, which just goes to show that sometimes you won’t get anywhere without a giant leap of faith.
Of course, you might not want to bother taking that leap of faith unless you’re supremely talented. Canvas Group’s portfolio of print and digital media is a visual delicacy, and it’s not just our eyes that feel that way, either. With multiple awards gathering dust behind the keyboards, Jorge, his wife Rosemary and his sister-in-law Alison were able to strike gold because… well, they were able to produce gold.

As Jorge puts it, it all started because of one simple, unarguable fact:

”I worked on many campaigns across different industries – some of those included brands such as Sony Music, Columbia Tristar, Cathay Pacific and Westfield. Looking back now I think this was a huge advantage because I was able to make lots of contacts and develop a range of skills, which definitely helped us to set up our own company.”

You know how there are some bands you feel like you are just not meant to see, regardless of how much you want to? For most of this year, that band for me has been indie folk-electronica darlings Sherlock’s Daughter.
I was first recommended to them by a friend, but through a series of misfortunes, bad luck and poor organisation, I managed to pretty much miss every show they played. Lucky for me, I finally got my shit together and caught the band when they performed a support slot for Tame Impala down at Beach Road. Their live show was everything I had hoped for, though it was mildly depressing in that ‘why is everyone on stage tonight ten years younger than me and ten times more talented?’ kind of way.

Listening to Lauren Horton sing makes it hard to believe that she wasn’t really interested in music until about four years ago, because to any unassuming ear it seems as though she’s been doing this forever. She is one of those artists who doesn’t necessarily fit into a distinct genre, but it fast becomes obvious that her sound need not tick all the boxes of others who have come before her. Fusing elements of sexy jazz, French-pop and quirky folk, Lauren is one of the few people who can say she merely experimented with her voice to see what it could do and the sound didn’t make people run away.

Tabitha’s gaze is directed at the blue flicker of the television, but it is a gaze with all the warmth and life of an abandoned rundown house at midnight. The kind that packs of local kids dare each other to enter only during the safety of a sweaty, luminous mid-afternoon summer. She reaches for a tall glass of tepid water from the cheap, aluminum card-table beside her. A dampened doily sticks slackly to the grimy glass as she drinks. As Tabitha places the glass back onto the table, it clumsily topples over with a loud metallic clank. She glances at it sideways but pays it no attention.

To begin with, let me say that I’m not a huge fan of the animated film oeuvre. I like some, sure, but in general, it’s not my first choice. $9.99, however, is a stop-motion animated film that charmed me.

$9.99 is a thoroughly Australian film. Well, sort of. It has an Israeli director, Tatia Rosenthal, and writer, Etgar Keret. But the producer and the entire cast are Australian! And it’s set in Sydney! So let’s just call it Australian.

An open white warehouse space in which to house your office isn’t all that easy to come by in Sydney these days, and we all know that open white warehouse spaces are the places where your inspiration wants you to seek when it’s playing hide. But it seems that when Bill Dimas and John Wiltshire reached into the lucky dip, they got exactly what they were searching for – and what everybody else is likely dreaming for. It turned out they were happy to share their wealth, so they turned their strike of gold into part office/part gallery for emerging artists.

One glance at Imogene Barron’s work and you’ll immediately want to throw out your wardrobe and start over. Not that you would be able to replicate her looks even if you tried – as one of Sydney’s most prolific stylists, the way she puts an image together almost always has you stand back and ask for more. Her ability to think outside the standard, ever day editorial that has become all too common today is exactly the kind of inspiration aspiring trend-setters should look to when they contemplate what to wear in the morning – oh, and how to stand, where to turn their head and what to have in the background. Perhaps most well-known is Imogene’s work for Yen, where issue after issue, Imogene’s flawless styling had people aching for pristine beauty in a world that is never as perfect as a magazine’s pages.

Imogene refers to her foray into fashion as “inevitable”, with a long family history in the industry, but it was the iconic imagery of the world’s greatest photographic legends that captured her passion.
“To be honest I was most inspired by photographers and the imagery behind it all. Some of my favourites early on were Corrine Day, Juergen Teller, Helmut Newton, Guy Bourdin, Peter Lindbergh and Mario Testino. To me, the images made the garments look beautiful,” she says.
“There is a whole driving force behind [fashion editorial]…. The creative union of teams which bring everything to life.”

The guys behind Brisbane-based band Hungry Kids of Hungary obviously don’t subscribe to AC/DC’s ‘long way to the top’ adage, considering how quickly they’ve creeped into the local music scene.

Putting to shame my own slothful lifestyle, the band has already recorded two EPs since getting together two years ago. The latest, Mega Mountain, was recorded in Brisbane in just four days and released nationwide in April this year.

Many years ago when I still had enough idealism to believe I could change the world and had not yet realised I was far too emotionally unstable to do so, I took up a semester-long internship as a refugee caseworker at the Sydney office of Amnesty International. It turned out that the melancholy stories and crushing defeats were not my cup of tea – personally, I enjoy mine with milk and a little bit of honey – but the magical spirits of those who work there stayed with me, and I’m willing to bet that’s the case with anyone who comes into contact with them. Well, except of course maybe Amanda Vanstone.

By far one of my favourite books I have read this year is White Tiger, a novel told from the perspective of an Indian servant. I love stories that make you look at things from a different viewpoint than from the outside in – Requiem for a Dream, for instance, but that movie just makes you feel high in a very paranoid way. On that note, DO NOT WATCH IT WHILST HIGH. Bad idea.

One of my clients came to town today, and she just happens to be one of the greatest designers in the world, so naturally, when I got dressed this morning, it was my mission to look my absolute best. I mean, I HAD TO IMPRESS THIS WOMAN. So it was unnegotiable to wear anything other than the best dress I owned, and people, I’m telling you, I own a lot of dresses. It was of course one of said designer’s pieces, complete with frills, ruffles and the like, and it had the ability to make even a horse carcass look pretty, if put on the right way of course. I completed the look with my Marc Jacobs studded boots, packed my bags, and set out into the world.

Owner Lin Lin chats with Side Street, Sydney about what makes her shop Moku so special.

Kareena Zerefos is the kind of artist school students say they want to be when they grow up. The 25-year-old has found herself starting to get the kind of recognition people only dream of, and unlike that of most people her age, it’s entirely deserved. With art getting more and more avant-garde than ever before, it’s nice to have someone take us back to the daydreams of our childhood, when the simple things in life were all we needed to ignite our imagination and stimulate our happiness. This is, incidentally, exactly what Kareena’s work does – it warms your insides up like a pot of chai on a winter’s day, and reminds you that the best things in life are far away from the fast lane that consumes so many of us today. As you flip through her drawings, you may as well be picking up faded postcards from your nostalgia’s selective amnesia, making things appear more innocent, more beautiful and more exquisite than they actually were.

Sometimes you just want to sit in the dark with a drink in one hand, gummy bears in the other, surrounded by like-minded people who are about to be entertained. You want something a little off-the-wall, something surprising, something, dare I say it, underground. The long and short of it is that you want to be cool. Not in a Tarantino-nerd kind of way, more in a Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin kind of way.


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Style on a budget
The start of the school year can be a disaster for the student on a budget, what with tuition, books, food and clothing all competing for your hard-earned money.

After just opening in Hamilton on the mountain this summer, Plato’s Closet is an up-and-coming thrift store that may appeal to fashionable students on a budget. It’s hip and different for the fashionistas who want to wear the new trends. Most importantly, canada goose trillium parka xxl outlet will not break the average college student’s budget. It may have name brands like True Religion, Forever 21 and H&M, but that dress that canada goose trillium parka xxl outlet may have seen in your favourite store in the mall for $45 can cost as little as $10 in the thrift store.

Like Value Village, you can conate your old clothes, but that is where the similarities end. Plato’s Closet does not give that second-hand store feel. At the very least, the clothes seem to be prewashed before you buy them. They have a wide range of sizes for men and women (from 0-20).

Plato’s Closet is also a bit choosy about the cast-off clothes canada goose trillium parka xxl outlet accepts. The one rule this store abides by is that your clothes have to be in style … by season, and age-appropriate. They are extremely picky because their target market is fashionable teens and young adults.


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Get glammed up with Max May
To celebrate the opening of Mecca Maxima at Westfield Chermside, celebrity makeup artist Max May — of Max Made fame —…

Lifeline Ipswich is bursting at the seams with clothing, ready for their $2 Clothing Sale canada goose x concepts lodge hoody red/camo outlet store October 11 – 12. They…

Looking for a new outfit… or ten? At the $2 Clothing Sale, Lifeline Ipswich are offering so many choices. There will b…

In only nine years, online marketplace Etsy has grown exponentially. There are now one million Etsy shops and over 26…

An eclectic mix of designers and a new fashion week model are canada goose x concepts lodge hoody red/camo outlet store the cards for the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast…

Fashion retailer Zara is coming to the Gold Coast, so get ready to fill your shopping bags. Fashionable men and women…

Formal fever is sweeping across Brisbane! These looks are sure to give canada goose x concepts lodge hoody red/camo outlet store a night to remember. The senior formal is you…

Be wowed by the creations of six fashion design students at Westfield Chermside’s Couture Academy. In the bubble of…

Take a step back in time and get set to indulge your vintage desires at the Rocklea Showgrounds. A vintage fair is prett…

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be.” — Bill Cunningham What are…

Designer Leona Edmiston talks Brisbane style, diversity in fashion and why magic happens in the change room. When…

Designers from all over the globe were amongst the line up at the Lincoln Centre for the annual Mercedes Benz S/S 2015…

Behind the main streets, tall buildings and typical shopfronts lie a hidden land of laneways. Tucked away from the hustl…

If you’re a lover of old-school glamour then you’re in for treat with a slew of vintage frocks, films and…

The Feast of Fashion Event at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre will feed your fashion senses, offering complimentary fashio…

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be.” — Bill Cunningham What are…


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Tag Archives: clothing: yosd
Taobao is dangerous.

Because of the Chinese New Year holiday, my Chika won’t be shipping until February 20th or so, and well…. that’s a month of paychecks between now and then. So I decided I’d do a second small order of clothes. Shipping via EMS from China is expensive, and has a price minimum of $25, so small, light items (like doll clothes) make sense to bundle onto a larger order. Since the order I’m waiting acheter parka canada goose montreal 2015 is a pretty goodsized one (2 Yo-SDs, an SD body, and 2 SD heads), I also decided to order some clothing for my incoming guys.

I hate making tiny fussy things, so one of the acheter parka canada goose montreal 2015 I tend to stock up on is socks, undies, and leggings from Taobao, especially for my tiny and 1/6 guys.

This time, I found some really adorable undies in a variety of prints from Sunflower Doll. At 6RMB each, they’re VERY affordable! They come in SD, MSD, and YoSD sizes, and have cute little lace trim. Sunflower sells clothing, but also wigs, eyes, and shoes for all sizes of BJD.

I’ve also got this wig incoming for my recast YoSD Chika. It’s a Happy Camille wig, from DWSDoll. WHile this photo doesn’t show it, it’s actually got long ‘tail’ rather than pigtails (I’m planning to separate acheter parka canada goose montreal 2015 into low pigtails like this). I love the color contrast, and I think it’ll look super cute on her. It’s 78RMB (a little more than $10) so very affordable, too.

The Happy Camille wigs can be a bit hit or miss, but I’ve been very happy with the ones I’ve gotten so far. DWS Dolls sells a wide variety of HC wigs, eyes, shoes, and doll hobby accessories. They’re constantly adding new products, and they’ve got a good variety of Lolita-ish and ‘normal’ clothes (and some fantastic shoes!), including shoes in 70cm (‘uncle’) sizes.


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If a student asks a question in a classroom, how many people hear it?
After a busy weekend I finally have a minute to share an experience with the sheer logistical aid offered by social networks – chiefly blogs and Twitter – during one student’s journey in writing her eminent person speech on Margret Rey, author of the Curious George books.

During our conference last week concerning her plans for both Night of the Notables address, as well as her ideas for a learning centre on Margaret Rey, Katie expressed an interest in using her speech to focus on a particular aspect of Rey’s life. After discussing ways to frame both the evening’s performance aspects and learning center, Katie set out to brainstorm ideas for each, and blogged a modest request to aid in the writing of her speech:

What people don’t know is that Margret Rey was Jewish and born in Germany in the early 1900’s. By the late 1930’s she was living and producing books in Paris with her husband. In 1941, Paris was proclaimed an open city, just waiting for German invasion. Margret and H.A Rey needed to get out of France fast.

They set out on what would became the biggest adventure of their life, carrying only some food, clothes, money, and the manuscripts for their books. Riding a couple of used bikes, the two rode South through France, eventually getting on a train to Lisbon, Portugal, then boarding a steamship across the Atlantic to Rio, Brazil. After four long months of travel, they reached New York where they began getting their childrens’ stories published.

I want to zero in on the moment when the couple realized they had to leave their home in France and journey to New York with their few possessions. I am looking for input on what this moment would be like. Escaping the Nazis, pedaling into the distance, not sure what you will find… I live in Vancouver and have no idea what canada goose parka outlet langford for sale would be like to realize that you have to flee your home to escape war.

That same afternoon I sent a link to Katie’s post out to my Twitter followers, asking that they retweet the message to anyone who might help (in all fairness, I zeroed in on three particular Twitterers I believed to live and work in Germany, and sent the request specifically to canada goose parka outlet langford for sale (again asking that the message be retweeted)).

Now, I have approximately 230 Twitter followers, which is perhaps above average for teachers new to Twitter, but the result of being an active member of a community of educators that encircles the globe. I RT content from the people I follow, comment on their blogs, and link to canada goose parka outlet langford for sale in my own blogging; if their classes are involved in projects, I “point” to them on Twitter or the blog. In short, I try to Pay It Forward, in some small way, every day. So when I come to ask, on behalf of a student like Katie, as I did last week, for people to help send a message to aid in someone’s learning, a few people do. In fact, three people do.

Out of more than 200, maybe not so impressive. But to add in the prospective audience of those four people brings another 4000 eyes into the fold.


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Tag Archives: burnt orange
It’s crazy to think that not too long ago us east coasters were sporting shorts and blasting the AC. Now that summer is just a memory and fall is upon us, it’s time to start stocking our wardrobes for the cooler weather. Among my many fall fashion favorites are scarves. This accessory doubles as a way to keep boxing day sale canada goose parka outlet store warm while also looking positively chic. They serve as an easy transition between the seasons and are a fun replacement for your statement necklaces. These scarf picks will get boxing day sale canada goose parka outlet store excited for fall and ease any post-summer woes you may have! So without further ado, take a look at 5 scarves that are topping my fall shopping list…

Keep your outfit fun by adding a print to the mix. It’s as easy as throwing on a scarf!

How cozy does this maroon knit scarf look?! The deep color is perfect for the season and boxing day sale canada goose parka outlet store will keep you warm whether you’re pumpkin picking or sipping hot chocolate at a bonfire.

Just because the warm weather is subsiding, that doesn’t mean you need to pack away your floral. Carry the trend through fall with this scarf.

As the leaves change to beautiful deep hues, why not match them? Try out a scarf that blends with the season like this burnt orange one.

The lace on this scarf adds a touch of femininity while you’re covered up in layers, and the gray goes with just about anything!